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Redial Denial

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(Part of my job involves being issued a company mobile phone. I get a different one every day; as such, they are not specific to any one employee. The vast majority of the time we use the mobile to call our warehouse for manager support. We almost never receive calls. One day, the phone rings:)

Me: “[Company] delivery, [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “John?”

Me: “No, sorry, this is [My Name]. I’m a delivery driver for [Company].”

Caller: “Ah, okay!” *hangs up*

(Ten seconds later, the phone rings:)

Me: “[Company] delivery; [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “John?”

Me: “Sorry, mate, still me!”

Caller: “Right, okay!” *hangs up*

(Ten seconds later, the phone rings — same number.)

Me: “Still me, mate.”

Caller: “Not John?”

Me: “Nope, still [My Name].”

Caller: “Okay.” *hangs up*

(As you can imagine, ten seconds later, he calls again.)

Me: “Uh, mate, are you just using redial?”

Caller: “Yes… John?”

Me: “If you hit redial, it will keep calling me.”

Caller: “Oh, okay, I got ya!” *hangs up*

(Once again, he calls me back.)

Me: “Mate, do you know how phones work? You can’t keep calling the same number expecting someone else to answer.”

Caller: “No John?”

Me: “Uh, no. If you keep calling the same number, you will keep getting me.”

Caller: “Oh, okay.” *hangs up*

(As you might expect, he calls again.)

Me: “John?”

Caller: “John!”


Caller:Yes, John! Finally. I kept getting some t*** from [Rival Company].”

Me: “No, still me from [Company].”


Me: “Okay, mate, this is a mobile owned and operated by [Company]; there is no John here. There is no John in my department! YOU ARE CALLING THE WRONG NUMBER!”

Caller: “Fine, well, I guess I’ll do it the hard way and dial each number again.”

(Thankfully, after that, he never called again. I just hope he got the number right that time and some other poor person didn’t have the same experience.)

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