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Redefining “Coming Full Circle”

, , , , | Romantic | October 23, 2022

My wife and I got married in the early 1980s. I was a low-ranking Marine, so I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a ring; I got something to satisfy the situation at the courthouse.

I saved and did odd jobs on the weekends, and by our first anniversary, I had enough money to afford a decent ring. By this time, my wife was seven months pregnant. We had a good time picking out what we wanted while she wore maternity clothes. She loved that ring.

Shortly after the Creature That Would Change Our Lives Forever arrived (he’s really a great guy), my wife noticed that her ring was missing. We looked all over the house, the car, the walk to the mailbox, the driveway, and every place we could think of, and then we searched again. We even borrowed a metal detector to search the yard. No luck. We gave up after a couple of weeks and considered it gone forever.

We figured that since we bought it when my wife was pregnant, it must have slipped off somewhere when she was back to her natural slim condition. She was heartbroken.

A couple of weeks after we quit looking, we had a rare quiet Saturday morning. We finally got up to go watch cartoons, and my wife mentioned that she’d like a bowl of cereal. She settled on the couch while I picked the emptiest box of the three cereals we had.

I poured the rest of the box into a bowl, added milk, got a small glass of orange juice — I was a good weekend husband! — and took it to her on a tray.

Wife: “Oh, that looks nice.”

On about her third spoonful, she got this strange look on her face and started working her jaw and face around. I watched, intrigued.

She pursed her lips, reached up, and pulled her wedding ring out of her mouth! She was ecstatic!

I chuckled.

Me: “What is this, some kind of magic?”

How it happened: when she was pregnant, she had gotten into the habit of just reaching into a cereal box to snag a quick snack. The ring must have slipped off her finger, unnoticed, into the box, thus no noise, and eventually settled to the bottom. When I poured out the final contents, the ring went into the bowl and got covered with milk. She eventually picked it up with a spoon.

And that’s how she lost her wedding ring after giving birth and finally found it two weeks later… in her mouth.

We’re still married.

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