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Red And White Flags

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I was working behind the bar with an older lady. It was my first ever shift of my first ever job and management had just finished giving me a rundown of all of the drinks, etc. 

When my older coworker finished their shift, they took a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a large white wine.

I poured it and brought it over, when suddenly my coworker simpered and told me that she had ordered red. Fair enough, I thought, I must have misheard her. I asked her what I should do with the white wine, and she said, “Just pour it away!” so I did.

I fixed her drink and continued taking orders when my new manager came over and pulled me aside.

My new coworker had specifically called over the manager to tell them that I had thrown a glass of wine away instead of trying to pour it back into the bottle!

My manager just let me know not to do it again and I continued my shift in peace.

I am not looking forward to working with this new coworker.

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