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Recycling His Way Of Thinking

, , , , | Working | February 27, 2015

(My mother is in charge of our church’s nursery, taking care of younger children during the service. Over the last month or two, the nursery has amassed a large collection of garbage, much of which is metal. The metal is stored in an old cardboard box to be taken to the local recycling plant. On the day my mother is supposed to deliver it, she checks the cupboard where it was stored to find it isn’t there.)

Mom: “[Coworker], do you know what happened to the box of metal? It’s not in the storage cupboard.”

Coworker: “Yeah, that box has been there for over a month, so I took it to the dump. It was just taking up space.”

Mom: “You took it to the dump? That metal was supposed to go to the recycling plant.”

Coworker: “So? What difference does it make? We still got rid of it.”

Mom: “The dump charges you for the garbage you put in it. If you take metal to the recycling plant, they pay you for it. Instead of getting $75 for the nursery to use, you paid almost $100 of the church’s money to get rid of that metal!”

Coworker: “…oh.”

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