Recovering One Nugget At A Time

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(My brother is getting surgery since he broke his collarbone, and he requests to have a burger and chicken nuggets when he wakes. I go to get some near the end of the surgery.)

Cashier: “Hello. Welcome to [Fast Food Place]; how may I help you?

Me: “Hi, I would like a [burger], an order of five chicken nuggets, and a small fry.”

(The cashier nods and I pay and wait for my order. When they call my number, I am confused to find ten chicken nuggets squeezed into a five nugget box, as well as a large fry.)

Me: *goes back to cashier* “I think you may have confused my order and—” *giggling a little* “—there’s ten chicken nuggets in here and I ordered five.”

(I figure the fry is a mistake, but that the chicken nuggets mean someone is really stupid or really nice.)

Manager: *coming up behind the cashier* “Yes, I saw your hospital visitor tag, and you also seemed to look stressed, so I figured you were having a bad day and told them to give you extra. My best wishes to whoever is in the hospital. Have a good day, ma’am.”

(I smiled at them and thanked them numerous times before returning to my brother. He didn’t want the [burger] or chicken nuggets since he was feeling sick from the anaesthesia, but he ate every last fry and I shared the chicken nuggets with his nurse. Sometimes people do things for a reason and it’s not a mistake.)

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