Recognize Your Station

, , , , | Right | November 8, 2020

I work in a bank. This particular branch has been redesigned for more of an open concept look. Instead of a teller line, we are at open individual workstations, with cash coming out of a machine next to us. I don’t like this, as there’s no counter, so customers try to come around and grab cash or paperwork instead of waiting for me to hand it to them. Please note that this regular is very tall and imposing, and I’m… well… not.

Regular: “Hey, can you break this $100 for me?”

Me: “Sure thing. Hang on and I’ll get it for you.”

Regular: “Oh, I’ll just come around and get it!”

He steps behind my workstation.

Me: “SIR! Please go back to your side!”

Regular: “Why?”

Me: “Because this area is for employees only!”

Regular: “But this is an open concept branch! They don’t care!”

Me: “No, but I do!”

He ignores me and reaches for his money. In one of those perfectly timed moments, he trips over my leg support mat and nearly falls. He retreats back to his side of the station.

Regular: “Maybe that was a bad idea.”

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