Received No Physical Evidence Of A Physical Appointment

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(I work for a major US-based international company and am on a long-term assignment in Canada. As part of the benefits package, my wife and I receive VERY thorough physical exams every two years. Our first one goes fine. Two years later, a rep from the corporate medical department sends an email informing me of the upcoming exam. We exchange perhaps four messages each way, including forms my wife and I fill out and return. The corporate rep acknowledges receipt and tells me she’ll let me know when the checkups are scheduled. About three weeks later my local supervisor sticks his head into my office:)

Supervisor: “Did you just cost me a lot of money?”

Me: “Not intentionally. What’s up?”

Supervisor: “Check your email.”

(There is a message from the medical rep saying that we missed our physical appointments this morning and telling us how important it was that we act responsibly. She also says the cost will be billed to my local work group, and she has helpfully CC-ed my US-based manager, as well as my day-to-day boss. I utter a four-letter Anglo-Saxonism, mad at myself for missing the email. Curious as to when it came in, I do a search on the rep’s name in my inbox, and then my spam and junk mail folders. I find the ones I recall, but nothing after them, and finally convince myself I’ve never received anything else. I stew for a while, and then compose a “Reply All” to the message, and CC the rep’s supervisor. After appending all the notes I’ve received, I compose a brief note outlining the dates of the emails she’s sent me, noting that none of them contain information about the actual appointment. I point out the difficulty of getting to an appointment “if I am not informed of it” and say that any charges should be borne by their team, not mine. Five minutes later, my local boss comes by again.)

Supervisor: “I’m not supposed to say this, but that was epic!” *gives me a thumbs up*

Me: “Your secret is safe with me.”

(The rep never responded to my note, but five days later I got info about the rescheduled appointment, which we made, AND my team did not have to foot the bill for the missed sessions.)

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