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Rebate Debate

, , , , | Right | July 17, 2019

(Sometimes distributors will come in and put rebates around the necks of bottles, or we’ll get shipments with rebates already attached.)

Customer: “I have a coupon for this [whiskey].”

Me: *suspicious because we rarely ever have coupons* “Okay, can I see it, please?”

Customer: *pulls out rebate that he could have left around the neck*

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. That’s a rebate. You have to mail it into the address on the back with proof of purchase and they’ll send you back the amount of the rebate.”

Customer: “What? I’m not doing that. Just give me the money off now.”

Me: “I can’t do that, sir. That rebate is from the manufacturer. It has nothing to do with this store in particular. [Major Grocery Chain] probably has bottles with the exact same rebate on them.”

Customer: “This is outrageous! You can’t put coupons on your products and then not honor them! It’s false advertising!”

Me: “Again, sir, it isn’t a coupon; it’s a rebate. And we didn’t put them on the bottles; the distributors put those out.”

Customer: “Well, I’m not mailing in this stupid thing.”

Me: “That’s your choice, sir. Do you still want this anyway?”

Customer: “Of course I still want it!”

Me: *ringing bottle up* “Do you have our loyalty card?”

Customer: “No. I don’t need another piece of plastic crowding my wallet.”

Me: “Well, we can always look your card up if you don’t like carrying it around. And it’s a free program. Anyway, your total is [price] today, sir.”

Customer: “What?! It’s supposed to be [slightly lower price]!”

Me: “Was there a big tag that had that price on it in red next to a picture of our loyalty card?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “That’s the price with the loyalty card, sir. Without one, it’s full price. As I said, it’s a free card if you want to sign up and get the discount.”

Customer: “No! I don’t want your stupid card! I’m never shopping here again after this!” *continues grumbling, but swipes his credit card*

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Have a good day.”

Customer: *throws crumpled rebate on the counter and storms out the door*

Me: *looks at rebate to see how much they were offering and turns to the shift manager behind me* “With our discount and this rebate he could have gotten that bottle for better than half price.”

Manager: “You can’t fix stupid, [My Name].”

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