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Really Trying To Shake Your Tree

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(I work as a front end supervisor at a popular discounted retail store. Recently I’ve been working in the stockroom helping them with a large amount of merchandise coming off the truck, so I have not been on the register for roughly two months. My regular customers have noticed and aren’t happy. Our newer customers think I am a new cashier and have tried to bring in fake receipts, wrong item returns, etc. This morning I am the opening cashier; typically my managers will focus on other tasks since I am a FES and they do not have to worry about me. A lady walks up to the door and stares at the holiday hours. I notice she is holding a four-foot Christmas tree box. We do not, and have never sold Christmas trees. Ever. She comes to my register and the following occurs.)

Me: *sporting my lovely reindeer antlers to fit the season* “Hi. How are you doing today?”

Customer: “Oh! I love your antlers! They look perfect on you, and your eyeliner is beautiful, so perfect!”

(We call this the “kissing butt” routine to make them seem oh-so-innocent.)

Me: “Thanks! What can I help you with?”

(She slams down Christmas tree box. It’s horribly beaten up and poorly taped back together.)

Customer: “I bought this tree a few weeks ago and it just does not look good in the part of my house I wanted. Here’s the receipt”

(She hands over the receipt. I examine it, and then the price tag which has been obviously pulled off another item from our store and placed on this box.)

Me: “Well, unfortunately, the item does not match the description on the receipt, so I am unable to refund the amount.”

Customer: *obviously trying to contain her anger at her scam failing* “Oh, no, honey! I knew this would happen with you being so new; I have never seen you here before! This always happens to me! Just go get someone else to look at it.”

Me: *unintentional smirk* “This is actually my sixth Christmas working in this very store. I am the front end supervisor; I’ve just been helping another department. As I said, this Christmas tree does not belong to us and actually belongs to a larger brand name grocery and superstore that keeps their trees in the garden center. I can pull this exact tree up on their website if you want me to!”

(I see the anger in her eyes. Her lips twitch. I am ready. I hit the button on my headset, directly linking the conversation that is about to happen to my Manager on Duty.)

Customer: *after a brief moment of silence* “Now, young lady, listen here. I commend you for being a sixth-year retail employee, but this tree does belong to your store. If you are too dumb to realize this, then I need the number to your corporate office and your last name. Consider this your last Christmas here.”

Me: *talking on headset* “You heard that?”

(Not even three seconds pass before my store manager walks up with an angry face, snatches the receipt out of my hand, hands it back to the lady, and pushes the tree box towards her, not hitting her, but sliding it back to her side of the counter.)

Store Manager: “Take the tree and shove it up your a**! Don’t threaten my employees!”

(Never have I ever seen a customer run toward the door so fast.)

Me: “Merry Christmas!”

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