Really Ought To Catch (A Different Bus)

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I commute to college by bus and my college gives me a bus pass. Because the semester hasn’t yet started, my pass isn’t valid, so I show the bus driver my military ID, which allows me to ride for free. The following conversation ensues.

Passenger #1: “Hey, what kind of bus pass is that?”

Me: “It’s my military ID. I’m in ROTC.”

Passenger #1: “RW… T…”

Me: “ROTC. It’s officer training.”

Passenger #1: “Is that like the Young Marines?”

Passenger #2: “It’s military training to become an officer.”

Passenger #1: “So, you’re going to be a police officer?”

Me: *Giving up* “No, I’m going to be a pilot.”

Passenger #1: “Do you think you need to be SEALs or Special Forces? Because you’ve gotta have rank before they let you do that.”

Me: “ROTC is how I’m getting that rank.”

Passenger #1: “Oh. Man, flying planes has gotta be cool. I mean, busses, driving, that’s cool. Walking sucks.”

He got off at the next stop. The best part: the conversation meant I missed my stop and had to walk twelve blocks home.

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