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Really Gotta Work On Your Delivery With New Neighbors

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The water pipe under our lawn has sprung a leak, and to fix it, the plumber needs to cut off the water at the main, meaning five houses along our street will have no water tomorrow morning. I’m knocking at the neighbours’ houses to let them know.

I get to the home of a new neighbour I haven’t met yet. I knock and she yanks the door open, holding a large parcel that she tries to hand to me.

Neighbour: “About time! Here!”

Me: “Uh, hi. I’m your—”

Neighbour: “Come on, you’re late! I need to go out.”

Me: “I’m not—”

Neighbour: “Would you just hurry up?!

Me: “Look, I’m—”

Neighbour: “God, where’s your scanner? Hurry up!

Me: “I don’t—”

Neighbour: “You were supposed to be here an hour ago! Oh, my God, I’m so late. Would you just scan this?!

She thrust the parcel at me and let go, and I grabbed it in reflex. Then, I stepped back, set it on the floor, and walked away, shaking my head. She stayed standing on her doorstep yelling after me, and I just walked to my own doorway and opened it. She stopped yelling. I looked back at her, and she was just standing there, looking suddenly very embarrassed.  

I guess she’ll find out the hard way that there’s no water in the morning.

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