Really Getting Under Your Skin

| Working | November 15, 2013

(I’m terrified of needles, but, because I work with kids, I need to go in and get a flu shot. My boyfriend knows how much I hate needles, so he comes with me so I can hold his hand. I have it written on my chart that I have a needle phobia called trypanophobia, and a list of things that it causes. Also my first name is more common among men than women. My sex is also on my chart.)

Nurse #1: “Mr. [My Name].”

Me: *standing* “Actually, it’s ‘Miss’.”

(The nurse doesn’t say anything as my boyfriend and I follow her into the room. Inside, the nurse turns to my boyfriend.)

Nurse #1: “So, you’re here for a flu shot, right Mr. [My Name]?”

Boyfriend: “No. My girlfriend [My Name] is getting one today. I’m with her for support.”

Me: “Yes, I told you that it was ‘Miss.’ It even says that I’m female and have trypanophobia, so I need him here.”

Nurse #1: “Try-what? That sounds made up. Wait here and someone will be here with that needle soon.” *starts muttering* “A grown person needing hand-holding for a shot; that’s ridiculous.”

(After a few nerve racking moments, a second nurse comes in with a tray of needles. I feel my heart rate quicken, but it’s not too bad yet.)

Nurse #2: “Alrighty, let’s get this stuck in you quickly and be done with it.”

(The nurse turns to my boyfriend.)

Nurse #2: “I need you to wait outside for a bit. She’ll never get over her fear it you don’t let her.”

Me: “No. I need him here. I’ve been diagnosed with a needle phobia and need to hold his hand or I will pass out.”

Nurse #2: “It can’t be that bad.”

(She practically pushes him out of the room, and turns to give me the shot.)

Nurse #2: “This will only hurt a little.”

(I scream when she gives me the injection, and black out. When I wake up, I hear my boyfriend arguing with the nurse.)

Nurse #2: “She never said she would pass out from the injection. It’s just a flu shot. Babies don’t even cry.”

Boyfriend: “It’s on her chart in big red letters! I can see it from here!”

Nurse #2: “I can’t be bothered to read every single chart they give me, and I thought it was a made up word!”

(Needless to say, I never went back there!)

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