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Really Feline The Love

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(I work in a physical therapy clinic. I am a female chatting with a female coworker about our pet cats.)

Me: “He purrs as loud as a mack-truck. I can literally hear him from the other side of the room.”

Female Coworker: “That’s kind of cute, though.”

Me: “The only time he wants to cuddle is between two and four am. He also snuggles up to me and lays across my chest with his face in my face. I’m okay with it until he starts licking my face!”

(A male coworker wanders in, only hearing the part about “him licking my face.”)

Me: “I’m getting kind of tired of it. It’s a really annoying habit of his.”

Male Coworker: “Wait, what are you two talking about? Are you talking about your husband?”

(My female coworker and I burst out laughing.)

Me: “My cat! We’re talking about my cat.” *laughing* “My husband doesn’t lick my face, much less purr. He would also squish me if he laid across my chest.”

Male Coworker: “I wonder if that’s why I couldn’t get any girls to go on a second date with me.” *mimics nuzzling into someone, then sticks out his tongue, pretending to lick someone*

Me: “How did you get your wife to marry you?”

Male Coworker: “Turns out, she’s just as weird as I am.”

Female Coworker: “Well, that conversation just took a turn.”

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