A Real Kinder Surprise!

, , , | Hopeless | April 14, 2018

My two-year-old daughter loves anyone who will talk to her, but has made firm friends with one particular cashier in a local supermarket. We were just going to line up at the self-checkouts when this cashier appeared at my shoulder, having just clocked off from a long, early shift. As always, she asked how we were doing and how our Easter went, so as my daughter began gabbling about candles, I translated and explained that it was also her birthday on the weekend. The cashier had to run and pay for her things before leaving, so I bid her to go home and rest as we went our separate ways.

Just as I was scanning our groceries, she stopped by again and handed my daughter a Kinder Surprise egg as a birthday present! She rarely lets us get away without at least a smile and a wave — and has more than once kept my daughter busy while I was packing bags — but this little act of kindness really blew me away.  

Unfortunately, by the time I’d finished, my daughter had started eating the egg through the foil…

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