Reading The Signs

| Romantic | November 27, 2013

(I’m in college, and am about to go on my first in-person date with my long-distance girlfriend. I’m home for winter break, and we’ve met at my parents’ house. She arrives and we have introductions all around. My mom offers food, and all the standard greetings have occurred. Once the hubbub has died down, I pull out a paperback, sit down on the couch, and start reading. My mom enters the room and lets out an exasperated sigh.)

Mom: “[My Name], what are you doing?! Pay attention to—”

(Coming closer, she sees my girlfriend is sitting on the floor. Her head is resting against my knee as she’s reading her own paperback.)

Mom: “Never mind. You two are perfect for each other.”

(We are now married and our book collection takes up a dozen bookshelves!)

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