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Read Until The End – You Can Quote Us On That

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A man is calling about a car insurance quote he says he got online through a price comparison site that he can no longer find a record of. I’ve tried everything to find his quote but nothing comes up.

Eventually, I learn that it was almost five weeks ago that he got the quote, so I tell him it’s most likely not valid anymore as we only hold quotes for thirty days. He gets angry and demands a manager.

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir, but [My Name] is correct. If you didn’t accept the quote at the time, then the price is most likely no longer available.”

Caller: “That’s ridiculous. You’re violating the rules set by the financial conduct authority.”

Manager: *Feigning ignorance* “Which rules are these, sir?”

Caller: *Sputters* “The rules! Where once you’ve given a price to a customer you have to honour it.”

Manager: “Did you accept the quote when you got it?”

Caller: “No.”

Manager: “How long did you think the price was to remain valid?”

Caller: “Until I bought it, of course.”

Manager: “So, if I’m understanding correctly you expected insurance prices to remain exactly the same, forever, just to suit yourself?”

Caller: “You can’t treat a customer like this.”

Manager: “But you’re not a customer. You’ve admitted you don’t have a policy with us, and frankly, there’s not much point in us continuing this conversation as I can do nothing more for you. You can get a new quote online or speak to [My Name] for a quote.”

Caller: “Fine, but I want a discount for all the hassle you put me through.”

Manager: “Hassle?”

Caller: “Yes! I’ve been on the phone now for thirty minutes. I could’ve been doing something else with my time, you know.”

Manager: “That was your own choice, sir, so no, I will not authorise a discount. You could’ve chosen to believe my colleague when she told you the price wasn’t available, but you decided to wait and hear it from a manager.”

Caller: “You people are disgusting. Hiking up the prices and lying to customers.”

Manager: “Sir, rates change for a multitude of reasons, but if there’s nothing else I can help you with, I will disconnect our call here, as there appears to be nothing more I can do for you.”

Caller: “You can help me save money and stop stealing from good people!”

Manager: “Well! Let me help you save money on your phone bill, then.”

Caller: “What, how?”

Manager: *Click*

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