Read Them Their Rights

| Working | March 10, 2014

(In my province, you receive a check every month or so for taxes if you make under a certain amount per year. As a student, I regularly receive these so I go to my bank to deposit one and various other items. The bank has been offering increasingly worse service every time I visit.)

Me: “Hello! I’d like to deposit this into my account today, please.” *slides check over*

Teller: “Can’t you read?!”

Me: “Excuse me? Yes, I can. Is there a problem?”

Teller: “What day is listed on here?”

Me: “The tenth.”

Teller: “And today is the seventh, you have to wait three more days.” *calls to the next person in line* “I can help you over here!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not done. Can YOU read?”

Teller: “Of course I can!”

Me: “Okay. Well, what is the month listed on the check?”

(The teller rolls her eyes but reads as if she’s humouring me. All of a sudden she looks embarrassed.)

Me: “If you had bothered to take two seconds out of your day you would have seen that this is the previous month’s check. Also, before you rudely cut me off and called to the next person you never asked if I had additional banking I needed to do, and I have a few more deposits to make.)

(The teller finishes up my deposits without saying anything to me or even looking at me. I closed my account with them shortly after.)

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