Reaching New Heights Of Stupidity

| Würzburg, Germany | Learning | March 17, 2016

(My fifth-grade teacher and I don’t get along very well.)

Dad: “I know that [Daughter] has problems with organization, and we will continue to work with her.”

Teacher: “Thank you, sir. She’s very smart, but I expect so much more out of my older students.”

Dad: “She’s the youngest kid in your class.”

Teacher: “But she’s so tall!”

(I am the youngest, due to a September birthday. But I am also 5’8″, my adult height. This conversation happens several times. Finally, around March, my dad is sick of it.)

Teacher: “But she’s so much taller than all of the other students!”

Dad: “She’s taller than you, too! Does that make her older than you?”

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