Reaching New Heights Of Absurdity

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(My parents have gone to the cinema. There are two screens at this cinema: [Screen #1], which is larger and has a balcony, and [Screen #2], which is smaller and doesn’t have a balcony. Balcony seats cost a bit extra. My parents are waiting to buy their tickets and a couple of women are in front of them.)

Woman #1: “Hi. We’d like two tickets for [Film in Screen #2].

Cashier: “No problem. That will be [price].”

Woman #2: “Oh, we want balcony seats.”

Cashier: “Oh, I’m sorry, but that screen doesn’t have a balcony.”

Woman #2: “But we want balcony seats! We’re happy to pay!”

Cashier: “I’m afraid [Screen #2] doesn’t have a balcony. Only [Screen #1] has a balcony, and it is showing [Film in Screen #1]. [Film in Screen #2] is only showing in [Screen #2], and there is no balcony.”

Woman #1: “Well, can’t you switch them over?”

Cashier: “I’m sorry?”

Woman #1: “Can’t you put [Film in Screen #2] into [Screen #1], and then we can have balcony seats?”

Cashier: “Um, no, I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

Woman #2: “This is disgraceful! Why won’t you let us go into the balcony?”

(This goes on for a couple of minutes before the women finally buy their tickets for [Film in Screen #2] and angrily enter to take their seats. My parents advance to the counter.)

Mum: “Two tickets for [Film in Screen #2], please. And we’ll take the non-balcony seats.”

Cashier: *laughs* “No problem!”

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