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Reaching Boiling Point, Part 2

, , | Right | November 9, 2020

I work as a waitress in a restaurant that offers a breakfast buffet, but we also offer stuff when personally asked for.

I am alone in the restaurant. Because it’s quite calm, I take over the work in the kitchen, too. It’s no big deal unless you have customers who are a pain and take up unnecessary time.

Customer: “I’m sorry, but the boiled eggs from the buffet are hard-boiled and I’d like a soft-boiled one. Can you make that happen?”

I nod and smile, because she is polite and I’d like to help her. I go back in the kitchen and soft-boil a new egg to bring it to her just a few minutes later. She thanks me and I continue my work at the other tables. She calls me again.

Customer: “I’m sorry, but I said soft-boiled. This egg is practically raw; I cannot eat this. The cook must have made a mistake. Can you bring me a real soft-boiled egg?”

Me: “I’m sorry, madam, I went in the kitchen myself and—”

Customer: “So then you made a mistake. Now can I have my boiled egg?”

I get quite irritated, because I know my eggs and she is taking up time I need for other customers. I walk back to the buffet and take an egg from there, hold it under hot water in the kitchen, and bring this one to her as her “new soft real boiled egg,” and guess what?

Customer: “You see? It’s not that hard to cook a decent soft-boiled egg; this one is way better than the other two.”

Reaching Boiling Point

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