Reached Her Handicap Cap

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I work at a facility where they rent classroom space for distance learning classes for several colleges, as well as for training purposes for several local businesses.

One day I’m asked to drive to the store to pick up some new coolers, since a few of ours are looking pretty ratty looking. I didn’t bring my car since my wife needed it and had dropped me off. My coworker says that I can take his car. They didn’t ask him to do it since he is disabled and can’t lift more than ten pounds, so his car has a disabled license plate on it.

I drive down to the store and it’s crowded. You’d think they’re giving stuff away, it’s so crowded. The only parking spot I can find that’s even remotely near a door is in the same aisle that leads to the doors, but in the very last spot. If I were any further out, I’d be in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot next door.

I get out of the car, and a woman confronts me. She’s complaining that I’m obviously not disabled and am parking with a disabled license plate. I counter and explain that while I’m using a car with said plate, I’m not parking anywhere near a handicapped space.

She doesn’t want to hear any of it. She’s yelling and carrying on, cranky about it. I give up, flip her off, and head into the store.

Twenty minutes later, I come out with the new coolers and she’s still there, only now she’s yelling at a police officer. She sees me and starts up again with the officer. “There he is! That’s the a**hole who is taking all the handicapped spaces!”

I facepalm. The officer asks me about the car. I explain that it belongs to a coworker who is disabled and that he lent me the car to pick up the order.

He now facepalms, looks at me, and says, “You can go, sir.”

The woman starts screeching at the top of her lungs about how I’m stealing handicapped spaces. The officer tries to calm her down and I just drive away to leave them to it.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

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