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Rated R-You Serious?!, Part 7

, , , | Right | October 6, 2022

At our theater, we have to card anyone who looks under twenty-six who wants to see an R-rated film. A customer comes in who looks like a teenager.

Customer: “I’d like a ticket for [R-Rated Film].”

Me: “Can I see your ID, please?”

Customer: “I don’t have one with me.”

Me: “Then I’m afraid I can’t sell you a ticket to [R-Rated Film].”

Customer: “Okay. Give me a ticket for [Other Film], then.”

I sold it to him. My usher, manager, and I saw this is a red flag, but we knew to check up on him.

When our usher did his theater checks, there was no one in the theater for [Other Film]. I checked the seat map, went in, and saw no one. I then went to check the theater for [R-Rated Film] with our usher. We stood close enough to the front for guests to notice us but not for us to be in the way of the screen.

I spotted the customer and went to talk to my manager, who returned to the theater with me. The customer saw her and slumped down in his chair. Then, he slowly got up and left the theater with his head hanging low, not saying a word.

I don’t know what he thought he was doing, but with three employees around when he tried to buy an R-rated ticket, he surely wasn’t going to get away with sneaking in.

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