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Rated R You Serious?, Part 5

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A father brings his three young boys in to see “Deadpool”. He gets the obligatory warning that it is R-rated, but he waves us off with the now meme-able phrase:

Customer: “It’s a comic book movie. How bad can it be?”

Me: “Okay, sir, as long as you’re aware that because I have given you this warning, once I sell you these tickets, they are non-refundable.”

Customer: “Whatever, I am sure it’ll be fine.”

Of course, less than half an hour later, out he comes with his children.

Customer: “I need a refund!”

Me: “For what reason, sir?”

Customer: “That movie is pure filth! I demand a refund for you scarring my boys!”

The boys are giggling and talking about “boobies”, so they seem fine to me.

Me: “So, let me get this right. We warned you that this movie was R-rated and not suitable for children, and we explicitly said that we could not refund you after the tickets had been sold. Now you want a refund because the movie is not suitable for children?”

Customer: “Well, when you say it like that, you make it sound like I’m the idiot.”

Me: “Precisely, sir.”

He did not get his refund.

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