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Rated R You Serious? Part 2

, , , , | Right | March 12, 2020

(Two teenagers come in to see an R-rated movie. Per company policy, I ask to see their IDs.)

Girl: “I have my ID on me, but he doesn’t have his. Is that okay?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I need to see both IDs if you guys want two tickets.”

Boy: “What the f*** is your problem?! It’s not like I’m f****** fourteen. You’re going to sell me a ticket now to the movie.”

Me: “I’ve got to ask you to please watch your language as there are children around. As I explained to your friend, I need to see your ID in order to sell you a ticket. It’s our policy to card anyone who looks like they could be underage. As your friend is only seventeen, this leads me to believe you are around the same age as her.”

Boy: “Get me your f****** manager right now. Oh, man, I can’t wait to tell them how much you are harassing me.”

(I radio to my manager and she comes over. I let the boy explain everything to her and she tells him exactly the same thing. He curses some more before stomping off to go get his ID. About 10 or 15 minutes later, they return.)

Boy: *throws his ID across the counter at me* “Here! Now let me in.”

Me: *examines ID* “I’m sorry this says you were born in November of [year]. That means you’re sixteen and I can’t sell you a ticket for this movie.”

(The boy verbally berated me for a minute or two and threatened to physically harm me. Luckily, our security guard — an off-duty police officer — was standing within earshot and sat the guy down to give him a few words of his own.) 

Rated R You Serious?

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