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Rated R You Serious?

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Growing up, my parents never really policed what I watched, and I ended up seeing a lot of R-rated movies by the time I was ten. One time though, when I was about eight, my mom and I were watching one such movie together. Near the beginning, a village was attacked, the invaders unleashed a pack of dogs on the villagers, and my mom covered my eyes. I immediately ripped her hand away, we stared at each other for a couple seconds, me thinking, “What the heck? I’m trying to watch a movie here,” and her expression saying, “Well, if you’re sure,” and we continued watching the movie.

Nearly twenty years later, that was the only scene I could remember, but I found it hilarious that of all the mature movies I had seen, that was the one scene she decided to shield me from. I had absolutely no idea what movie it was from, but was always curious. One day, I was browsing Netflix, started a movie, and realized it was the one from my childhood. I stopped watching it and messaged my mom. We agreed it would be fun to watch it together again, so next time I was at her place, we did so.

We spent the next two hours laughing at the old 80s special effects. And couple of times she said, “Now this scene is what I really should have covered your eyes for,” and laughed even more.

The movie it turned out to be? Conan the Barbarian.

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