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Rated K For “Karma”

, , , , , | Right | June 9, 2021

We had just started showing a movie rated NC-17, which we had not done before and never did again. Movies are usually rated NC-17 for very strong and explicit sexual content. A lot of single older men came to see the movie, unsurprisingly, resulting in many occurrences like this with the female box office staff.

Customer: “One ticket for [Movie]. I hope the actresses in it are as pretty as you.”

Coworker: *Uncomfortable* “That will be [price], sir.”

Customer: “Have you seen the movie? Did you… enjoy it?”

Suddenly, one of our new hires walks in to start her shift.

New Hire: *Loudly, to the customer* “Dad?”

The older man looks over at her, goes beet-red, and power-walks out of the lobby.

New Hire: “I guess getting a new job won’t be the only thing I discuss with the parents over dinner tomorrow.”

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