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Rated ‘G’ For Grandma

| Working | December 12, 2015

(I find a video game that I’ve been looking for to replace a copy that I lost when I moved out of my dad’s house but don’t have the money with me to buy it, so my grandmother buys it for me with the stipulation that I pay her back when we get home. The game is rated M and it’s a requirement that the employees explain what this means when parents buy them for under-aged children.)

Employee: *to my grandmother* “All right, ma’am, just so you know this video game is rated “M” and I need to know if it’s okay for you to buy this for her.” *goes off on a scripted spiel explaining the blood, violence, and sexual content*

Me: “Um… I’m 24…”

(There is a long, awkward silence while both the employees stare at me, the only sound being my grandmother laughing. I pull out my ID and show them.)

Employee: “Okay, so, never mind. Enjoy your game.”

(The best part? Not only have I bought M-rated games at this store from these employees many times on my own before, but while I was waiting on my grandmother who was in another store at the time, I got into a discussion with them about video games and told them that one of my favorite games, which was released in 1994, was released when I was only three years old. Evidently it never clicked.)