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Rash Parenting

| Related | August 1, 2012

(My mom and I don’t always communicate well. She is asking me about an odd rash I’ve had for a while. I finally go to the dermatologist and she is asking about the results.)

Mom: “So, what’s going on with your hands?”

Me: “Oh it’s Granuloma Annular. That’s fancy talk for ‘Ugly Rash They Can’t Fix’.”

Mom: “You just need more vitamins!”

Me: “Uh, no. That’s not it.”

Mom: “How do you know?”

Me: “Because the specialist said that they don’t know what causes it. There is no cure. I’m trying some home remedies to reduce the redness. That’s it.”

Mom: “No! You just need more vitamins!”

Me: “What? Why? I eat well and…”

Mom: “That’s ridiculous!”

Me: “Fine. I’ll take more vitamins and that will magically cure this incurable skin disease. You’re right, of course.”

Mom: *completely oblivious to my sarcasm* “That’s right.”

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