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Random Acts Of Bunny-ficence

| Working | April 26, 2013

(It’s Easter and about 20 minutes until the store closes. I am behind a customer who has about five or six bags worth of groceries).

Customer: “Oh, shoot! I forgot my credit card at home. I know my credit card number though. Can I just give it to you?”

Cashier: “Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but let me get the manager.”

Customer: “I feel so stupid! I changed purses and forgot to switch my wallet over.”

(A manager comes over and explains the situation.)

Manager: “Do you live nearby? We close in 20 minutes, but if you live close, we can just hang onto your stuff until you get back.”

Customer: “I live 45 minutes away. I come to this branch because you guys have such a better selection. I know my credit card number. Can I just do that?”

Manager: “Unfortunately, we can’t because of security issues, but let’s just do this…”

(The manager does some sort of override and hands the customer her receipt.)

Manager: “Happy Easter!”

Customer: “Seriously? Thank you so much! Like I said, I come here all the time. I’ll pay for it next time I come in!”

(I later found out that not only did she come back to pay, she also got gift cards for the manager and cashier as a thank you!)

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