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Random Access Memory

| Related | December 26, 2015

(I am at home and texting my sister, who lives half-way across the country. While we are both very smart, I’m not what most people would call “logical,” and we have a long-running joke about how she doesn’t understand how I think.)

Me: “I remember odd things. It’s what I get for being intelligent.”

Sister: “…Wow.”

Me: “What?”

Sister: “What are you trying to say about me?”

Me: “That you’re logically intelligent while I am randomly intelligent.”

Sister: “…If you say so.”

Me: “You don’t believe me?”

Sister: “It’s not that. I just don’t understand you.”

Me: “Exactly! Because my brain remembers random things and makes random connections – random intelligence – while your brain remembers stuff you consider important and makes clearly defined connections – logical intelligence.”

Sister: “Why would you want to remember random things?”

Me: “I kinda have no choice. It’s just all in there waiting to be triggered.”

Sister: “…You poor thing.”

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