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Raising A Point

| Related | March 23, 2017

(My child is five months old. My seventeen-year-old sister has become a backseat parent. She berates me about everything, including cleaning, cooking, and caring for my daughter. Every day she sends a message asking if I bathed her, fed her, cleaned her, or she calls and gives me attitude. Not once does she offer to help, or ask how my husband and I are doing. She babysits her for one night. Our mother relays this to me the next day.)

Sister: “I didn’t think it be this hard!”

Mom: “What do you think your sister does all day? Sit on her a**?”

Sister: “Yes…”

Mom: “No, dear, she doesn’t. She’s trying; give her a break. She has to learn as she goes.”

Sister: “I’ll never bug her about raising [Daughter] again… I didn’t realize it wasn’t easy.”

Mom: “I’m curious as to why you thought it was?”

Sister: “You did it?”

(Apparently my sister thought because my mom raised four of us that it should be easy for me to raise one baby. When I arrived to get my baby, mom shared stories about how hard it was, and when and how she made mistakes. She even admitted that I was her hardest baby being her first at 19 years old. My sister never did bother me again about how I parent.)

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