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Raise A Glass To An Awesome Neighbor

, , , , | Hopeless | June 7, 2016

(I make decals, by tracing fabric paint on glass.)

Me: *throwing yet another frame away*

Neighbor: *walks up* “I noticed that you are constantly throwing frames away.”

Me: “Yeah, I use the glass for my craft but I step on them and they break.”

Neighbor: “Well, what kind of glass do you need? Does it need to be framed?”

Me: “No. I would like to have something that won’t break when I step on it, though.”

Neighbor: “I can get you something that will work.”

(A day or two later:)

Neighbor: “Here you go.” *hands me THREE pieces of thick glass, 12×14* “This shouldn’t break when you step on it and if it does it will break into large pieces so you won’t cut yourself.”

(Turned out he worked with windows and cut pieces of glass made for windows for me.)

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