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Raining On Her Parade

| Related | September 19, 2013

(We are on a fairly long car ride. Our five-year old daughter is amusing herself by playing ‘I Spy.’ Unfortunately her version is slightly irritating to my husband, who’s driving. Our three-year-old son is also playing.)

Five-Year-Old: “Mummy, what comes after tree?”

Me: “What?”

Five-Year-Old: “What does tree start with?”

Me: “Oh, ‘T.'”

Five-Year-Old: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘T.'”

Me: *trying to play along* “Umm, train?”

Five-Year-Old: “No!”

Me: “Trail?

Five-Year-Old: “No!”

Three-Year-Old: “KITTY!”

Five-Year-Old: “No [three-year-old’s name]!”

Me: *trying to keep the peace* “Tree?”

Five-Year-Old: “Yes!”

(This continues on for a few more things, with our three year old interjecting ‘Kitty’ and ‘Puppy’ at varying intervals.)

Five-Year-Old: “Mummy, what comes after clouds?”

Three-Year-Old: *in a very serious tone* “Rain.”

(My husband bursts out laughing and I am able to convince our daughter to play a different game.)

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