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Rainbows And Hippos And Pillows, Oh My

| Friendly | September 1, 2014

(We are on our way to Chicago from Minnesota, about an eight-hour drive. We stop for provisions at a truck stop and I decide to purchase a neck pillow. I am debating whether to get an adult-sized red one or a child’s pillow with a hippopotamus head on one end that is rainbow-colored. It should be noted that we are both in our mid-20s.)

Me: “I’m conflicted. Should I get the red pillow or the rainbow-hippo pillow?”

Friend: “Is that a serious question?”

Me: “Well, yeah… Are you making fun of me right now, or—”

Friend: “Rainbow-hippo pillow! DUH!”

Me: “See, this is why we are best friends.”

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