Rage Before Duty

, | Working | May 12, 2013

(I’m returning to a fast food restaurant after they had previously messed up my order. The manager greets me and orders a replacement meal for me.)

Manager: “Hey, [employee], I need one double cheeseburger and one stuffed burger, a medium fries, and two—”

Employee: “I don’t see none of this on the order screen!”

Manager: “I didn’t ring it up; that’s why. It’s a replacement meal.”

Employee: “And why should I make it?”

Manager: “Because I said so!”

Employee: *mimics* “Because I said so!”

Manager: “Just do it!”

Employee: “How do I know that ticket ain’t fake? I don’t see no customer!”

(By this time, I have already moved away from the registers to sit and wait for my food.)

Manager: “Do you seriously want me to inconvenience the customer by bringing her all the way to the kitchen so you can see her?”

Employee: “Oh, f*** you.”

(As I go to get my food finally…)

Manager: *sighs* “I hate being this young and a manager. No respect whatsoever.”

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