Racking Up The Score

| Friendly | February 5, 2015

(It’s game night and four of my friends and my roommate have come over. After a few hours, two leave and the remainder start playing Scrabble. In this group, we have studied linguistics, ESL, literature, and nursing in college. We have a broad vocabulary and we are very competitive.)

Guy Friend: “How many points am I behind [My Name]?”

Roommate: “Nine.”

Me: “But I haven’t played this turn yet. Just wait for my brilliant next move.”

(Apparently, he decides not to wait and leans over to inspect my tiles. I have the tiles for a pretty awesome word.)

Guy Friend: “Wow, you have a magnificent rack!”

(Since I’m the most well-endowed person at the table, I punch him on the arm.)

Guy Friend: “Yeah… I saw that coming.”

Me: “You earned it!”

Guy Friend’s Wife: *looking up for the first time in minutes* “Stop beating my husband!”

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