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Racists Travelling In Packs Increase Their Collective Stupidity

, , , | Right | August 10, 2021

I’m working for a well-known burger chain restaurant in the summertime, and for the record, I am quite obviously Caucasian. A few teenagers come in. These teens form a cluster to one side and start not-so-subtly talking about having some “fun” with “that [racial slur] at the counter.” There are several snickers and general sounds of their buddies egging them on and double-daring them to do it.

I brace myself for whatever nonsense is about to unfurl.

Me: “Hello, welcome to [Burger Chain]! May I take your order?”

The first teen speaks slowly, as though I wasn’t a native English speaker.

Teen: “Yes. I. Would like. A number one. That’s UNO. Oooo-know. Got it? Me want uno!”

Me: “Okay. Would you like cheese on that?”

Teen: “Si! Queso! Me want QUESO on my UNO! Me! Queso! On my Uno. You understand words?”

Me: *Sighing internally* “Yes, I do. All right, sir, your total is $5.45.”

The customer hands me a five-dollar bill and two quarters.

Teen: “See that? That is veinte dollar-ohs! Vee-ennn-taaaaayy. Doll-er-ohs. Com-pren-daay?”

I look at the bill, then at him.

Me: “Actually, sir, this is a five-dollar bill. That would be ‘cinco,’ not ‘veinte.’ Also, I would honestly appreciate it if you would stop acting like a fool and just talk to me normally.”

The kid stared at me with his mouth hanging open for a second, then mumbled his thanks and left after getting his food, taking his gaggle of jerks with him.