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Racism: The T-Shirt

, , , , , | Right | January 22, 2021

My coworker pages me to the front to answer a question pertaining to my department, so I walk over and ask what’s up. The T-shirts in my department range in price, starting from about $4 and going up to closer to $12. It depends on style, brand, etc.

Coworker: “These T-shirts have a $3.99 sticker, but they look like the more expensive ones. Is that price right?”

The customer looks annoyed at my coworker asking for help, and I take one look at the T-shirt and decide:

Me: “Yeah, that should be right.”

I go to fix the mess of carts in the front corrals that always seems to happen when we’re busy, so I’m nearby when the customer finishes her transaction and walks out the door.

Customer: *Talking about my coworker* “Like I’d switch price tags or something. White b****.”

I give the customer an annoyed, shocked look as I walk back over to my coworker and we talk about the transaction for a minute.

Coworker: “I just wanted to make sure! All I said was, ‘I want to double-check one thing quick.’ And she thought I was being racist or something, but I’d do that for anybody. Those shirts seemed like the more expensive ones. The price tags are different!”

Me: “I really didn’t want to deal with her. But just in case, I’ll go check the T-shirt section.”

Sometimes I hate people. We’re not saying you’re the one who switched the price tags, if they got switched, but when you make a giant deal out of it like that, it looks strange. We’d question it if a white person came up with those shirts, too. Sigh.

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