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Race Fail

| Learning | September 8, 2015

(This story is about my older sister when she was in first grade. She was having difficulty in class and my mother arranged a meeting with the teacher. It should be noted that our community is predominately Hispanic, while my family is Caucasian.)

Mom: “So I am wondering why [Sister] seems to be having so much trouble with her grades.”

Teacher: “Well, some kids just have difficulty with school. Nothing that can be done about that.”

Mom: “The thing is, I helped her with her math homework and even though I know the answers were correct, you still sent her home with a failing grade.”

Teacher: “I just believe that some students should not be given special privileges.”

(At this point the teacher looks directly at my six-year-old sister, and says…)

Teacher: “I don’t care how blond or blue eyed you are, you will fail my class.”

(Needless to say my mother threw a huge fit about it and got my sister into another class. Fifteen years later my sister ran into that teacher, and she actually tried to start a friendly conversation!)

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