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Quizzical Behavior

| Learning | February 5, 2014

(I have an English teacher who I regularly speak with after school. I am telling him about a problem I am having with my Spanish teacher.)

Me: “[English Teacher], you wouldn’t believe it. [Spanish Teacher] claimed that she caught me cheating! She gave me detention and a zero on the quiz!”

English Teacher: “That doesn’t sound like you at all. You’re in the honor program! Plus, I’ve only ever heard good things about you from other teachers.”

Me: “What do I do about [Spanish Teacher]? She won’t let me retake the quiz. God, she’s such a—” *I stop myself before I say something bad and get in trouble*

English Teacher: “Yeah, I know. She’s such a f****** b****.”

Me: “Oh, my god.”

English Teacher: “But, really. She totally is.”

Me: “I don’t know how to respond to that.”

English Teacher: “I needed to get that off my chest. I’ll talk to her if you promise not to tell anyone I said that.”

Me: “Deal.”

(He ended up talking to my Spanish teacher about it. I was able to retake the quiz after school the next day.)

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