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Quitting On Schedule

| Working | December 24, 2014

(Generally, we are supposed to call the store on Saturday night to receive our schedules for the next week, but every time I try calling the line either disconnects or is automatically put on hold indefinitely. I get around this by asking coworkers to check for me or physically coming into the store on Sunday, but I can’t one particular weekend. Several weeks previously, I asked to change my general availability so that I could have my weekly therapist appointments. On one of these particular days, the week of Christmas, I receive a call from the store manager not ten minutes after I walk out of the doctor’s office.)

Manager: “Hi, is this [My Name]?”

Me: “Um, yes. What is it?”

Manager: “You do know you were supposed to come in at 10 this morning, right?”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “You were also supposed to come in for a shift yesterday, and you never showed up.”

Me: “I— hold on. I requested both of those days of the week off so that I can go have my weekly therapist appointments! I put in that request weeks ago!”

(There is an awkward silence.)

Manager: “You’re still on the schedule for this week. Didn’t you call the store line to receive your schedule for the week?”

Me: “Yes, I did, but no one ever picked up! I tried both the manager’s AND the guest services line, several times, and it would just disconnect! How am I supposed to know my schedule, especially when I’m scheduled over times that I specifically requested off, when no one would even pick up the phone?”

(There is another awkward silence. I hear her speaking with someone else in the background.)

Manager: “It is your responsibility to call in and find out your schedule when it is posted Saturday night. It was your responsibility to know that you are working every day this week.”

Me: “Every day?! Wait, I requested the days after Christmas off, too! Are you telling me that didn’t go through either?!”

Manager: “You’re coming into work today?”

Me: “I—”

Manager: “Because if not, don’t bother coming in again.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Manager: “If you do not come in to work today, don’t bother coming in again.”

(There is another long silence. I think about not only how I’m being told to work on days I specifically requested off, but how I am somehow expected to know that by calling numbers that are never picked up.)

Me: “Okay, then. I quit.”

(Somehow, becoming unemployed has never been so satisfying. Merry Christmas to me.)

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