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Quit When You Reach Your Tea Total

| Working | June 28, 2015

(I worked in the tea house but quit because of our boss’ made up a lot of new crazy rules I wasn’t willing to obey. One day I went to see my former co-workers and this happened.)

Boss: “Hey, [Coworker], why did you rearrange the boxes with tea again?”

Coworker: “It was arranged according the types of tea for ages. Why did you change it?”

Boss: “I want it according the colours of boxes. Now it looks better.”

Coworker: “They are under the counter, no one sees that, and I can’t find a thing that way.”

Boss: “Doesn’t matter.”

(5 minutes later:)

Boss: “[Coworker], you gave that man three pieces of tomato with his couscous. I told you to give two.”

Coworker: “It was really small tomato so I gave him three.”

Boss: “I don’t care about the size of tomato. You gave him three!”

(10 minutes later:)

Boss: “[Coworker], ask that woman if she wants to order something.”

Coworker: “She just finished her coffee.”

Boss: “Doesn’t matter. If she doesn’t order something make her go away.”

Coworker: “There are only four people. You want me to kick her out because of that? She is talking to her friend who has a tea. They are paying customers.”

Boss: “I don’t care. Get the order or kick her out.” *walks away*

Me: “That’s why I quit.”

Coworker: “One more thing and I’m out. Pay isn’t good either.”

(15 minutes later:)

Boss: “[Coworker], you talked with those ladies for seven minutes!”

Coworker: “What’s the problem?”

Boss: “You can talk with customer for three minutes max.”

Coworker: “Eh? Why? They are here for the first time and asked me about our menu. I tried to help them choose the tea they would like.”

Boss: “You can’t chit chat with the customers. You have to be behind the counter and look professional.”

Coworker: “I can’t change my shift, I can’t take a break when I need, and now I can’t even talk to the customers?”

Boss: “Right. And don’t forget to update our Facebook so people know about our new menu.”

Coworker: “Okay. I quit. [My Name], let’s go.” *he takes off his apron*

Boss: “You can’t do that! You have to finish your shift! I can force you to finish your shift!”

Coworker: “Make me.”

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