Quit Arguing Semantics And Bring Me The Cake!

, , , , | Working | August 12, 2020

My friend and I are finishing our meals at a local diner when the waitress comes by. I’ve been eyeing the dessert menu throughout the whole meal.

Waitress: “Will there be anything for dessert?”

Me: “Yes, I’ll have the cherry cheesecake.”

Waitress: “We don’t have cherry cheesecake.”

My friend and I look at each other because we both can see the picture of a piece of cherry cheesecake at the top of their dessert menu sitting beside us. I point to it.

Waitress: “Oh, you mean the cheesecake with cherries on it?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

The waitress walked away, and my friend and I facepalmed.

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