Quick! To The Impersonation Stations!

, , , , | Right | July 12, 2020

Our store closes at midnight on weekdays; weekends our store closes at 1:00 am. Due to this, we do not have a message telling our customers our store is closed on weeknights. I am also known for doing voice impersonations and have joked with the managers that I could take the place of the message on weeknights.

Customer: “Hello? Hello? Hell-f******-lo? Anyone there?”

General Manager: “Welcome to our [Store]; we’re closed right now.”

Customer: “F*** no, you ain’t! It’s 11:59!”

General Manager: “Our clocks read 12:01. We’re closed.”

The customer curses us off and drives away.

Me: “Can I please do the impersonation now?”

General Manager: “Yes.”

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