Questionnaire Despair

, | Working | August 13, 2014

(I’m applying for a position online. The first part is an automated multi-choice questionnaire. The questions are overly specific, failing me every time. I ring to see if there is some room to maneuver.)

Me: “Hi. I’m trying to apply for a position on your site, but it won’t let me continue.”

Recruitment Agent: “How so?”

Me: “Basically, because I have worked in similar roles, not exactly what is on the question. So ,I keep failing.”

(I quickly explain my experience, which is already doing the job advertised.)

Recruitment Agent: “Wow, okay. It sounds like you would be perfect for the role. Let me pass your details on to my colleague.”

(A couple of days pass when I get this email:)

Email: “Thank you for your information. You do seem very well equipped for this role. Please apply using the online application form.”

Me: “Hi. I can’t use the form because my experience isn’t exactly in the field you are looking for.”

Email: “Please use the form, as it gives everyone the same chance.”

Me: “Sorry if i wasn’t clear. I spoke to your colleague about this. This is why she passed on my information. I already perform this role in a slightly different industry. I fill all the boxes but do not pass the test,. Can my information be looked at, please?”

Email: “Yes, I understand. I would strongly urge you to apply for this position. Please use the online form.”

(So, forever going round in circles, I never even got an interview for the job I already perform in a far more demanding industry.)

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