Questioning The Validity Of His Professionalism

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(This story takes place when we still use paper train tickets. My mother has gone shopping in the city and is taking the train back to our hometown. The ticket inspector, a young-looking guy, enters the train compartment.)

Inspector: *to my mother* “Ticket, please.”

Mother: *fishes her ticket out of her handbag* “Sure, here you go!”

Inspector: *takes it and inspects it* “Ma’am? This is not a valid ticket.”

Mother: “What?! Oh, sorry, I must have given you an old one. Just a minute, please.”

(My mother proceeds to dig further into her handbag, rummaging through receipts, but finds no ticket. She empties the bag’s contents onto her lap, but still no ticket.)

Inspector: *with a stern voice* “Do you even have a valid ticket, ma’am?”

Mother: *starting to panic at this point* “Oh, I am so sorry. I really bought one! I don’t know where I put it; maybe it fell out of my bag? Oh, no!”

(My mother is thinking, “I am going to get a fine! He probably hears excuses like this every day! What if he doesn’t believe me?”)

Inspector: “Maybe you put it in one of your shopping bags? Or in your wallet?”

(He keeps standing there while my mom goes rummaging through her shopping bags. Other passengers are looking and snickering while my mom still frantically searches for her ticket. Meanwhile, the train enters our hometown station.)

Mother: *desperately* “I can’t find it! And I have to get out at this station!”

(The inspector gives her a suspicious look, and then gives back the ticket he is still holding.)

Inspector: *smiles* “Just kidding. It was a valid ticket.” *walks away*

Mother: *speechless*

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