Romantic | June 15, 2017

Throwback ThursdaysQUESTION OF THE WEEK! Our new segment that aims to spice up your Mondays’ with our weekly question! 

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Leave your answer in the comments!

Since this is a new segment, please leave suggestions in the comments about what you think we should name it! We’ll pick the best comments and feature them as stories!

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  • Deadpool

    “…aims to spice up your Mondays’ with our weekly question!”

    Call it “Poor Aim” if you’re going to keep asking Monday’s question on Thursdays.

  • Larthan Delaponte

    My ex invited himself along to my first date with another guy.. after he broke up with me by telling me he was only telling everyone (including ME) we were together because it was convenient.
    Super duper awkward.

    As for what to call it, I’ve never been good with names, so don’t ask me!

  • Neil Fairweather

    …our Mondays’ what?

    • Roq

      Their best friend Thursday.

      • Wendigone

        Tuesday is going to be so jealous when it finds out!

        • JB

          Tuesday can go off with Friday, unless it fancies Sunday.

  • Michelle

    Not mine, but a good friend. Met a guy on online dating site; pretty much equals as per their profiles.

    Not so much IRL. He turns up 15 minutes late; not a deal-breaker for her, but even so. Takes her to a very expensive, upmarket restaurant. Starts off from there okay, besides the fact he orders for her, she has to cut in every time he orders something she’s allergic to or potentially so. He then goes on to talk about himself the whole way through… besides from the times he’s berating the wait staff, of course. At the end of it, he asks her to go halves on the bill.

    • Kitty

      Did she ask him why she should pay for what he ordered for her?

  • Deadpool

    So I agreed to this date with this guy. Super sketchy, but whatever. Instead of a date, a bunch of guys capture me, drug me, and torture me. I tried to get them to rape me, but no one bit. This is pre-scars, so I was still pretty cute and it hurt that no one was willing to bugger my bum. Anyway, I escaped but blew the lab (and myself) up in the process. I tried to go back to my ex, but got embarrassed by my new scars.

    So, that’s my worst date. The rest is what they call “plot.”

    • SwiftyJoe TheOneAndOnly

      always there to brighten up my day hun

    • Wendigone

      You, sir, are my favourite part of this site now.

      • Same. I’d say I feel like I can retire now, but that would assume I was anyone’s favorite and they don’t just want to kill me instead.

        • LordViking

          I actually liked your ability to fit a pun to each story.

        • Wendigone

          Secretly, I love puns. But shhhh, you didn’t see that.

        • Flami

          Don’t leave, David. Deadpool provides entertainment in a different way. Your puns are entertaining. I often find myself wondering, “How could he have fit THAT in?!” Haha. 🙂

        • Katrin Schirmer

          i like your puns. its a nice distraction from people arguing about various aspects of the story. 🙂

        • Thanks, all. Not going anywhere any time soon — unless the ads that make me have to close the tab on my phone get worse and drive me away, at least.

  • Flami

    SIGH. An apostrophe is not needed after the word “Mondays.”

    • Deadpool

      Hopefully they’ll get it right when they do it “for real.” If not, we’ll mock them mercilessly. Wins all around.

      • Flami

        Sounds like what you’d say, all right! 🙂

    • Scot MrSpellcheck Rogers

      Well done. 😉

      • Flami


  • Deadpool

    The worst date? April 15. Halfway between Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day so you haven’t had a vacation in a while. Plus your taxes are due. Sad day.

  • Shaina Clark

    I met a guy on Facebook who had several friends in common with me. After a couple of months, I flew to his city to meet him in person. His idea of a fun “date” was to go out with a bunch of his really weird friends and spray-paint a tunnel. I refused to participate. Later, we went out to a Denny’s with the same weird friends, where everyone discussed their worst sexual experiences and talked about people I didn’t know. He told me while we were waiting to order that if I wanted anything, I’d have to pay for it. I dumped him as soon as I got back home.

    • Kitty

      You didn’t get up at Denny’s and leave?

      • Shaina Clark

        I wish I could have, but I had no license, no car, no gumption, and all of my stuff at his house. I could have taken a taxi, which would have cost me over 100 dollars (which I didn’t have) to get to his house, but I didn’t have the key. If I’d been in my own city I definitely would have left.

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    I had just worked up the nerve to ask out a girl who was in 3 of my classes at the college we go to. The date was at​ Red Robin and we agreed to meet each other there rather than one of us picking up the other. While we were eating, we got to talking about ourselves and our history. The conversation eventually led to me talking about the extensive bullying I suffered throughout elementary and middle school. After telling her the story, she made a snide comment about it. She was clearly making a joke but it’s always been a touchy subject for me, so I didn’t take it as such. We started arguing with each other which ultimately resulted in her punching me in the face, breaking my nose. She then seemed horrified about it and started acting like it was my fault she punched me before storming off to the bathroom. By this point I’m done with the date so I get up and leave. On my way out, I spot her car and end up slashing her tires. I never saw her again after that day.

    • Kristen

      I am glad you dodged a potential abuser (see “why did you make me hurt you?)

      I am disapointed that you vandalized her car.

      • EJ Nauls-Poland

        I’ll admit, it wasn’t my proudest moment; I was seeing red by that point and wasn’t thinking rationally.

    • Kitty

      Thank god you got away from that. Though opening up on such a touchy subject on the first date? Seems a bit fast to me, but I haven’t gone on a date, so I don’t know the etiquette.

      • EJ Nauls-Poland

        I don’t remember how the conversation got to that point but up to that point, we were just sharing things about ourselves with each other.

        • xXNamirXx

          To be fair, I do stuff like that all the time conversationally. I have very little filter because things just don’t effect me much. It’s seen as negative if not horrible to others but to me it’s just life, it happens.

  • Milian

    What to call the new segment? How about “Wannabe AskReddit, but Not Always.” (Yeah, I know that doesn’t really make sense. Sorry.)

    • LordViking

      Not Always AskReddit?

      • Milian


  • Margrete Sonnenberg

    The worst date I went on was a swimming date. We went to a pool and he ignored me all night. He went off on his own and I waited outside the change rooms for 20 minutes until I saw he come out the hot tub and go to the slide. I think he forgot about me.

  • arglebargle

    My worst date actually made it as a story on here. I’m the sort of person who can drink many beers before having to make a bathroom trip, but on the one date with the girl I had a crush on since I was 10, I has having to visit the bathroom every 10 minutes to pee. And since a good part of the date was being at a concert, it was hopelessly embarrassing getting in and out of our aisle. She never went out with me again. I guess I can’t say I blame her.

    Her brother made a point to invite me to his wedding reception. I would have enjoyed that but embarrassed myself with their family further by having leave shortly after arriving. I started feeling dizzy and feverish. I woke up the next day with adult chickenpox. Oy!

  • Bryan Morriss

    I got stood up by a friend and a love interest both on the same night because both of them decided they couldn’t make it, let each other know, and then assumed the other let me know so they didn’t tell me themselves.

  • Raven Odette

    Depends upon your definition of the word “date”

    But once in my younger wilder days I met up with this guy and when I did he brought his girlfriend along. And that wasn’t the bad part because I thought “oh well this will be twice as fun”

    Turns out they were exhibitionists and wanted me to just watch and not join in

    • I would upvote this, but not sure how that would be taken!

  • CosmoNewanda

    My worse date I didn’t know was a date. I was new to the Navy and I thought I had made a friend. I asked him to help me find my way around Norfolk. I didn’t have a car and I was trying to find an art museum. He could have given me directions but instead he told me that he knew where one was and offered to take me after work. Instead he took me to a crappy Olive Garden like restaurant. The entire time he kept telling me jokes that he had seen on episodes of the Simpsons. It was his favorite show and he probably recited five or six whole episodes verbatim. Afterwards he offered to take me back to his place because it was to late for the museum to still be open and he was to tired to drive all the way back to the ship. I told him off and took a cab. It would have been one thing if he had asked me out but all I wanted was directions to a museum.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      .forcing you to go on a date with him..thats just wow….red flag right off the bat there.

      • CosmoNewanda

        I’m lucky all that happened was a bad date. It could have turned out way worse.

        • Katrin Schirmer

          yeah, i’m going out on a limb and saying you probably dodged a major bullet by not letting yourself be talked into going to his place.

    • Jenni Sowvlen

      Were you trying to get to the Chrysler Museum?

      Yes, that’s what I took away from your story

      • CosmoNewanda

        I don’t remember if I knew it’s name at the time. It was 15 years ago.

  • Cathrope

    What’s a date? I guess my worst date was April 6, 1980 when I was born. *Shrugs*

    • Jackie Fauxe

      You did probably scream on that day more than any other one, I’ll give you that.

      Have you ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Whenever someone mentions good or bad dates, I always picture Sallah solemnly proclaiming “Bad dates”.

      • Cathrope

        I love that movie.

        • Jackie Fauxe

          So far you and I have agreed on two films being great: one about the Holy Grail and one about the Ark of the Covenant.

          Do you like any of the Batman films? I think the Caped Crusader would fit our film theme nicely.

          • Cathrope

            I like the Batman movies were the actor or voiceover doesn’t make it sound like they gargled with gravel.

          • Jackie Fauxe

            I really like Kevin Conroy’s Batman. What do you think of his voice?

          • Cathrope

            Don’t think I’ve seen any Batman movies with him in it.

          • Jackie Fauxe

            Basically, if it’s animated and Mark Hamill is voicing the Joker, then Kevin Conroy is probably voicing that Batman. Batman: The Animated Series was were they both started voicing those characters, and I thought it was a really enjoyable show. I’m pretty sure it used to be in the same cartoon block as Animaniacs, which is a show that I think is coming back soon.

          • Cathrope

            I liked that Batman cartoon.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    Since you’re going to be reading this, eds, I’m going to use this opportunity to give a little feedback. I do like the new browser logo over the darker, scarier one you were trying for the last month, but I wanted to point out that the logo on the tabs (in Firefox, at least) looks a lot like the logo Netflix uses (the one used for bookmarks is different). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I did want to let you guys know.

    Also, I’m still hoping you’ll be able to restore the legacy comments to the older stories. Thanks!

    • Kryss LaBryn

      A further request since, as Jackie Fauxe says, comments here will be read: For some reason, since the latest site overhaul, there is no consistent order in which the location, type of business or whatever, and tags are displayed. I like to see what kind of business/where it takes place, and in what country/city, but not the other tags (stupid customers/bigotry/awesome coworkers, whatever) so as to not get spoilers for the story. But with the information in the headers not being consistent, I can’t just scan the start of the line and the end of it (or whatever; I don’t actually care about the order so long as it’s consistent and this is the order it used to be in) to see enough to be able to visualize the location, but not get any idea of how the story is likely to go.

      Could you please set it up so that order is consistent again? I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

      • Jackie Fauxe

        Yeah, the locations are really inconsistent too; sometimes it’s the abbreviation of the state, sometimes it’s tagged with the full state name, etc.

        I wonder if it’s automated now and just grabbing whatever info people put in.

  • Kitty

    Was asked on a date by a guy had been talking to for a couple weeks. He told me to dress in my nicest clothes, so I did, and he took me to a carnival. I didn’t see why I needed to wear nice clothes for that but I brushed it off. He paid for the tickets to get in but once we were in he said he didn’t have any money for food, games, or rides. I said I’d pay for some rides but he said he was scared of rides and didn’t like the games. So I ended up leaving him to stand there and rode rides by myself and played games alone as well. I had to take a cab an hour back home since he just insisted on driving.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      if he didn’t like anything there then why did he choose the carnival in the first place?!?

      • Kitty

        6 years later and I’ve yet to figure it out. Lol

        • Katrin Schirmer

          people are weird. 😛

          • Aro

            Maybe he heard girls like carnivals and didn’t realize you would actually want to do things?

    • Psyche Euridyce

      Someone told him chicks thought carnivals were romantic?

  • Autumn Darian Sabisch

    Oct. 13th 1997. The day a almost killed my mother with my ginormous head. She was dead for a minute or so, but thankfully they got her back. Still kinda sucks though.

    (I’ve never been on a romantic date)

  • Mitchel Lau

    the worst date? uhh, the ones ive never been on

  • Tidgette

    Online dating is always interesting.

    I met one guy after chatting to him online for a bit. When he turned up he was at least 15 years older than he’d said he was (I was only 20, and he’d said he was 30). On arrival he said he’d got me a present. Which turned out to be a bag of bondage gear, like restraints, gags and a lot of leather. Whilst I was processing this I was informed that he’d booked a hotel room as he still lived with his ex-wife.

    I went to the bathroom and never returned.

    • Michelle

      The levels of NOPE in this one date…

  • GeminiDragonBadger

    What a gem.

    • xXNamirXx

      Wow, hope he gets stuck living by himself because everyone can see through him!!

  • GeminiDragonBadger

    It wasn’t a date per say, but I did meet a guy at a convention and we hung out (with a group) all night… we stayed in some contact afterwards, and when he found out I was going to be at another convention near him, he decided to come.

    Dude spent the whole convention trying to get me to come to his room (alone), including sending super passive aggressive texts about how bored he was but that he didn’t want to go out to the con and check out any of the panels. He did this while I was in line to a panel I had been waiting half a year to see after learning they’d be at this con, which I also invited him to join.

  • Gnomer Denois

    My worst dates are the ones where we end up having a fight and ticked off for the rest of the night, but that’s not fun or interesting.

    So instead I will tell you all about how I should have realized I shouldn’t have married my ex husband. Our first date we went to the zoo. I love zoo. There’s almost no animal that I don’t want to see, so I go around to all the exhibits and he’s happy to go around and look at them too. Until we get to the herpetarium. He doesn’t say anything about not wanting to go in, doesn’t suggest we skip it, anything. But once inside, it’s clear that he’s afraid of snakes (and lizards because they’re like snakes but have legs, and amphibians because they might be snakes but are undercover), so he makes sure I’m between him and the exhibits at all times so that if one breaks through the inch thick Plexiglas, they will be slowed down killing me and he can get away. Also a big tortoise was in a center display with an open top and it climbed up in the corner to stand on it’s hind legs and tapped on my arm, which I think is cool now but startled me a lot at the time..

    • Deadpool

      “…and amphibians because they might be snakes but are undercover.” LOL!

  • MoChiGi

    I went out with this guy I’d known for a few years previously. When he went to kiss me good night it was full of slobber. Like we’re talking drool dripping down my chin (My dog gave me dryer kisses). Never went out with him again but this was one of the top reasons why. It was so gross.

  • Chemechie

    As a guy, my worst is probably not as bad as yours, but this one turned out rather … interesting:
    She had a guy roommate (with kids) who got upset if she talked to other guys, even though they weren’t and never had dated. She had 2 ex-fiances, one of whom she still mourned (he died a year before, but she wouldn’t say how).
    She was 29 and wanted to meet at a Chuck E Cheese; we played games for a while, then went to a nearby mall where she talked about her past, focusing on her psychological problems and the multiple times she had been involuntarily committed. As I’m trying to stay involved in the increasingly weird conversation, she says to me “I can tell you’re not interested, good night”.

  • Kate Avery

    the details of the night are inconsequential, but let me just say: Boys, if a girl ever says that she’s not ready to sleep with you yet, and it’s not gonna happen that night, BELIEVE HER. Even if it’s the third date and you think you’re owed it. She knows what she wants. My current long-term boyfriend got some (not all, but some) on our first date. Girls know when we want something. And if you think she’s playing games, well, then you shouldn’t want her. But, do NOT spend the entire night trying to convince her to f*** you (it won’t work). Do NOT get so drunk you pass out leaving her stranded over an hour away from home.

    The situation could’ve been worse, and i was fortunate that he didn’t try to hurt me or anything, but it was so obvious what he was after that night (which is why I felt compelled to say something toward the beginning of the date), it was huge turn off. He had been all right guy, and while I just wasn’t feeling it yet, I might’ve in a couple more dates. He never got that chance though.

  • Donkey Option

    Long time lurker – first time commenter on this site.

    So, my worst date would have been a New Year’s Eve. I was in a LDR and had gone up to my boyfriend’s town for a long weekend over the holiday. They did a first night event. Things were going well, until he got a text from his ex who had just moved to his town. I am a generally nice person, and was fine with her joining us. Except that she then proceeded to get really drunk. Started falling asleep at the restaurant, which we were then asked to leave (because of that.) Then we went to a concert where she puked on the floor and I had to spend the rest of the show with her in the bathroom. The rest of the night was her and my boyfriend talking about their families and past and everything. Found out later he had been cheating on me with her.

  • PrincessWhovian

    Met a guy on Bumble who invited me over for dinner and a movie (we were watching an old movie so it had to be at his house). I asked him if I got to know what dinner was and he said, “No, it’s a surprise!” So I’m thinking he has something really good planned. Well I show up at his house at 6 and we start with the movie, which is the 3-hour-long director’s cut. So the movie is over, it’s 9 PM and I’m starving. I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and I come out and he goes, “So, want to head back downstairs?” And his dad (guy lived at home but so did I, so not a turn-off–in our early 20s) goes, “Um, are you guys hungry?” So I pounce on my opportunity and go “YES!” because I’m starving, and he goes, “Well, I can make you some of the chicken I had.” So, I don’t want to say they were chicken nuggets because it’s not like they were dino nuggets, but they were basically adult chicken nuggets. I guess the “surprise” was that he didn’t know what his dad was going to make for dinner? He was a really bad kisser, too, so it just didn’t work out.

  • Jenni Sowvlen

    I haven’t had bad dates, just bad relationships.

  • Beowulf11

    Mine was a catered double date with my brother and his GF which served as a high school / 18th birthday present from my parents. My GF and I were nearing a breakup, so we were barely speaking to each other. We tried going to a fancy restaurant across town, but that didn’t work out at the last minute. Instead we went to Denny’s. Just a long, awkward disappointing evening.

  • davbyrnes

    There was this woman I’d met, either through a personals ad or a dating site. We talked on the phone a lot and got along okay, so she invited me to her house for Sunday dinner, even fixed my favorite meal (Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes). In our last phone conversation, she said she needed to tell me a couple of things. 1. She was a “little” overweight. and 2. she was having a “little” dental work done. When I arrived, I was more than a “little” surprised. She was round, and had NO teeth. I mean not 1! They had all been removed. So I got to watch her gum her food for half an hour, we talked a bit, then I left. I was raised to be a gentleman, so I couldn’t just bail on her. But no more singles sites or blind dates!

  • My worst date was a blind date, it wasn’t totally the fault of the guy but more on the people who set it up. While some of these people were mutual friends/acquaintances, it became abundantly clear very quickly that only the guy’s interests were being considered—I think the main reason the date was set up at all is that this guy’s friends thought he “needed” a girlfriend, and I was the best contender, because I’m also a quiet nerd I guess.

    So the date took place late on a Thursday night, at a noisy sports bar, during a hangout with a group of his friends that I mostly didn’t know. This was basically a nightmare scenario for a shy introvert who goes to bed early for a morning job and doesn’t drink. All of my protests beforehand were laughed at or dismissed, but when I asked why I couldn’t meet the guy on a weekend when we both had time off and could arrange a more favorable setting, the answer was because the guy preferred to be alone with his video games during the weekends, so it’d be better for him to do it during their weekly hangout. *sigh*

    So the fact that no one was willing to listen or meet me halfway already placed a ton of red flags on this, but morbid curiosity got the better of me, I guess.

    Nothing terrible happened, but it was still three hours of my life I’ll never get back; the only reason I stayed was that I rode with my roommate, and even then I came very close to making the two hour walk home on that cold rainy November night. The night consisted mostly of me staring at my hands, being ignored by the rest of the group (since I was apparently supposed to be only talking to this guy while surrounded by 7 other people?), not hearing anything over the loud music, and my “date” barely saying more than a few words but still staring silently at me with this weird, expectant stare that made me three times more uncomfortable than I already was. We didn’t say much more than a few sentences to each other. Also I annihilated him at a pokemon battle since I’d heard he was a pokemon nerd like me so I thought it’d be cute and a good conversation starter if we brought our DS’s and had a pokemon battle. But yeah, I completely crushed him and he just kind of grumbled about how he liked catching pokemon more than battling, so it didn’t quite set the friendly nerd mood I was hoping for.

    As everyone was (finally!) leaving, one other guy in the group starts talking to me and very non-subtly starts talking about how great a guy my “date” is, it comes off as lowkey roasting me for not making all the effort to talk to my date and for not swooning into his arms. (I was 500% done by then though, so I didn’t even care. I told this guy that it sounded like he was smitten and that I hoped the two of them had a long and happy future together.)

    My “date” and I did have a few moments alone outside after everyone else left, where we agreed the date was way too forced and awkward and maybe we’d try again sometime. He looked like he was still considering going in for a hug or kiss so I quickly said bye and jumped into my roommate’s car.

    We texted a couple times afterwards, but thankfully he dropped off the radar pretty fast, thank jeezus.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      oh geeze. as a fellow introvert, you have my sympathies. stuck somewhere with a group of people you don’t know who clearly don’t care what you think, all of whom expect you to get it on with someone you don’t know and that guy staring at you. i think i would have wished i could just disappear.

  • Matt Westwood

    My worst date was in one of those Christmas dried-fruit novelty gift packs, which look so appetising, but lemme tell you it was a good job the toilet and the basin are close enough for me to be able to use both at once. Ever been in the situation where you don’t know which end to point at the toilet first?

    • Katrin Schirmer

      yes, yes i have. and i have watched my husband guess wrong, or have the force of it coming out one end cause the other. none of my bathrooms are set up to allow for those situations though, so i just end up hoping theres something else i can vomit into. a wastebasket, or a plastic bag or something.

  • Lady Kitsune

    Worst date I’ve been on: dating my first boy friend for a few months, we agree to a movie date and dinner after. He brings his father to the cinema with him without telling me I may add. He then spends the whole movie talking to his father Then after the movie decides to skip dinner because he had to take his father home and only told me when I asked about where we were going to eat.
    Two days later he dumps me over the phone. Apparently “our relationship wasn’t going anywhere”

  • Nikki

    A friend set me up with this guy when she complained I needed to stop dating “broke f*cks” all the time. We met at the restaurant for dinner and he proceeded to tell me he lived in one of his parents’ houses in Malibu but and I quote “but they’re old and gonna die soon then it’ll all be mine.” Dude didn’t work and got an allowance from mommy & daddy. He also had an under-beard. Like no one ever explained to him that when you shave that you don’t just stop at your jawline. He also tried to entice me to go back to his place with him by telling me all about his model train city in his basement and asked me if I wanted to see it. He made it very clear I wasn’t going to be allowed to play with it when he said “but look with your eyes not your hands.”

    Yeah I think I’ll stick with my hardworking broke homies. They may not take me on trips or buy me expensive presents but at least I won’t get murdered by some nut job and buried in some shallow grave next to his parents or be kept as his sexslave in his parents’ Malibu basement.

    Plus why can’t I just take myself on trips and buy myself expensive presents? Isn’t that why I put myself through college to get a decent paying career?

  • Alread

    Got asked out by a guy I worked with. His idea of a good date was to eat dinner at the restaurant where we both worked. Not a great start, but not terrible. He brought flowers when he picked me up, so that was a plus. Then we got to the restaurant and the real weirdness started. We’ve just pulled into the parking lot and were wrapping up our conversation when he suddenly starts panicking and telling me to lean forward and hide. I duck down a bit (I’m short, so it doesn’t take much), trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Next thing I know, he’s grabbed the flowers and is babbling something about making it up to me later. Turns out he’s spotted his girlfriend – the same girlfriend he’d told me was an EX two weeks ago. In a desparate attempt to not get caught cheating, he begs me to pretend we just having a friendly dinner as coworkers. Which led to a very awkward dinner with the three of us, all being served by our fellow coworkers, who had also clearly figured out what was going down. I excused myself early, with the excuse that I figured they’d like to have some time to themselves for a bit of a date night. Luckily the employee discount meant I wasn’t out too much money. (Likely another reason he’d chosen that particular restaurant.) I still have no idea how explained the flowers, or the fact that he’d driven 45 minutes to meet a coworker for a “friendly dinner.” Needles to say, there was no second date.

  • Jenny Yao

    It was one of my first Tinder dates. I had driven about 30min to go meet him a Crepeville, and when I told him I had arrived, he said that he’s on his way out. Turns out it was a 15min bike ride for him and didn’t bother to head out until I arrived. Then on the date, we got to talking about a lot of things but then the parts that stuck out to me was when he was saying how he really loves food and that his future wife would always be cooking for him since he doesn’t really like cooking. So he’d need someone to take care of him….yeahh, I’d rather not have a future talk + knowing that you’re high maintenance thank you very much. after that was over, neither of us really talked about wanting a 2nd date and that was that

  • Kevin Conti

    My senior prom, hands down. The girl I took was a very good friend of mine. She was beautiful, smart (our valedictorian) and very fun to be with. We got together with friends for pictures beforehand, had great food, and then danced the night away. Then we went to post-prom, where we got to act silly, have fun, take more pictures, and eat all the junk food we wanted. All around, it was a very fun, relaxing night.

    And it was the only date I’ve ever been on. So, by default, it was my worst date ever.