Quelling Their Query

| Somerset, England, UK | Friendly | May 9, 2017

(My friend and I are moving out of the apartment we have rented for the past year. The apartment is empty apart from an unwanted sofa that we’ve sold and are waiting around for the buyer to collect. While we wait we play a board game to pass the time.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend]. Have you got a ‘Q?'”

Friend: “Umm… yeah.”

Me: “I’ll swap any of my letters for your ‘Q.'”

Friend: “Umm… nah.”

Me: “But I’ve so nearly got the letters for QUARANTINE.”

Friend: “But I needed it.”

Me: “What for? You haven’t had anything in ages!”

(I peek at his letters.)

Me: “Seriously, you’ve got nothing! What are you trying to spell?”

Friend: “But I need it to spell QODAIRE…”

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