| WA, USA | Romantic | July 9, 2012

(My husband and I are sitting next to each other at the dining table playing ‘World of Warcraft’, an online game. We are grouped together with some other people, he is attacking, and I am healing. He runs off while I sit down to get more healing points for him, and he suddenly attacks a bunch of monsters.)

Me: “Why did you do that?! I was getting health back, you jerk-face!”

Husband: “I can take them. It’s fine.”

Me: “Oh, you can take them?”

Husband: “Yep, watch!” *proceeds to attack more*

(I sit back and laugh maniacally as I don’t heal him.)

Husband: *falls dead* “Why didn’t you heal me?!”

Me: *evil grin* “I thought you could take them?”

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