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Putting Themselves Into A Bit Of A Pickle

, , | Working | April 6, 2019

(I am in a “Social Cafe,” a cafe that hires people with disabilities. They are full-fledged employees, but they do get guidance. All employees at this location have mental disabilities, like learning issues. The cafe also has an open kitchen. For the record, it’s a great cafe and the food is delicious.)

Chef: “[Employee], can you put these pickles into the salad?”

Employee: “Yes, Chef!” *pause* “Do I need to drain the pickles first?”

Chef: “Yes, please drain them.”

(The employee gets a sieve and opens the jar. He then empties the jar into the sieve… above the salad bowl! Afterward, he tosses the pickles into the salad, as well. The employee then stops.)

Employee: “Chef, what if some of the water got into the salad?”

Chef: “Don’t worry about that; it’ll be fine! How about you toss in a second jar and I’ll taste it?”

Employee: “Yes, chef!”

(I stayed away from the salad.)

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